In more than three years of research, the editors have collected mostly unpublished photos, sketches, materials and statements from the graffiti writers of the time and from related fields. Complemented with essays by renowned authors, this is a unique, authentic publication that presents graffiti as a well-connected, subcultural phenomenon, which has since become a global art form.


Financial contributions will pay off twice: Supporters will know that they have made the production of this book possible, and they’ll receive either one of the 500 hardcover books or other unique rewards, such as the exclusive collectors’ edition in a slipcase, which is limited to 150 copies, or limited FineArt print editions.

On 28 August 2019, the crowdfunding for this unique publication launched on The campaign was successfully completed on 6 October 2019. Many thanks to all 458 supporters!


We are also looking for additional private supporters and sponsors, who want to play an important part in the production of this extraordinary publication by means of a financial contribution. If they want to, their name will be included in the book and on the website. It is generally possible to include a sponsor logo.

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