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Sylvia Necker

Unexpected, Unplanned Spaces

Hamburg’s Urban Development in the 1970s and 1980s

The Climax and Decline of Utopia
Ottensen – Industrial Wastelands, Car Repair Shops, and a lot of Space
“This is our House” – Freedom in the Hanseatic City
Kampnagel: Art likes Freedom
The City should be Clean Again – Neoliberal Urban Development

Dennis Kraus

Free spaces

Carsten Heinze

The Phenomenon of Graffiti

Graffiti as youth (sub) culture – Forms and elements of adolescent communitarisation

The Phenomenon of Graffiti as an ageing Youth (sub) culture: Historicisation, Biography and Identity Formation between Resistance and Art
Youth, youth culture, subculture, youth (sub) culture, a “scene” as a specific phase of life, and style orientation in the horizon of late/postmodern societies
Pictures (in) a city: Hamburg and the graffiti
Youth (sub) culture and graffiti in Hamburg: characteristics, elements and public discourses
A brief outlook

Dennis Kraus

A Scene Emerges

The first central point of contact
Dammtor Saturday lunchtime – that was our appointment
The world was yours
Dammtor Corner continues to grow
A second spot comes up

Mathias Becker

One Party and 14 Arrests

Serial Offender

Dennis Kraus

The City’s Bomber (Part 1)

Who’s Who?

Dennis Kraus

The second wave

Sylvia Necker

When Utopias are Lost

The concrete stayed in Steilshoop, and the writers came.

Dennis Kraus

Colourful Concrete, Rough Jargon

Colours and Violence

The City’s Bomber (Part 2)

Only one direction – forward

KP Flügel

Searching for Clues

Reflective views from youth workers, museum staff, and the media

“… what pleasurable moments the inscribing of the environment can provide”
“Nobody had thought about painting their whole life”
Finally famous! “Expression of a new youth cult: kids breaking out of their everyday life, looking for adventure …”
“Adventure or thrill-seeking decreases the better people get, and the older they get”
“Hamburg’s wild writers have become tame – away from illegality”
Exhibiting with risk. “… with one foot in the grave”
Graffiti as a cultural phenomenon beyond self-enamoured theorising

Mathias Becker

A Gym becomes an Open-Air Gallery

Friend and foe

Dennis Kraus

The Ahoi

Kathleen Göttsche & Lars Klingenberg


The Power of OZ lies in the Details

Christian Luda

Just a Part of the Culture

Punks, poppers, pioneers
“Wild Style” and the breakdance wave
Something is going on!
Hamburg City gets started

Dennis Kraus

Documentation, Publishing, Commercialisation

The first magazines appear
The first graffiti magazines from Hamburg
The scenes are independent
More trendy shops open

Rik Reinking

Not yet titled

English Texts

Hamburg Graffiti and Hip-Hop Magazines


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